Our corporate social investment partner

We are proud of our affiliation with Remarkable Lives Trust, an organisation dedicated to making a significant difference in people’s lives by teaching finance and work management skills.


We are captivated by their experience, knowledge and passion to liberate others from the culture of dependency, entitlement and economic slavery. They help to ensure that individuals understand their rights, responsibilities and are appropriately educated to meet the 21st century workplace demands.


We donate to the Trust, whose focus is on educating the underprivileged individuals in various communities in South Africa. This is one of PIH’s Social Investment Initiative.


About Remarkable Lives Trust
Established and registered in 2009, Remarkable Lives Trust, a non-profit organization set up to educate, inspire and inform people and communities about money and teach self-reliance skills and prepare young people for entrepreneurship and the working world.


The Trust’s vision is to help embrace the principle of hope in responsive people so that they can imagine and achieve an improved life for themselves and their loved ones.


We want to:


We achieve our vision and objectives by providing on-the-ground programs and seminars on various subjects pertaining to self-reliance. For example, we run seminars and facilitate conversations such as:


We Believe…
We are passionate about the subject of personal financial management as we believe it is at the core of true independence and self-reliance. Money is a big part of our lives and when we learn how to get it under control; all areas of our lives will soar.


Financial education is economic self-defence – it is an ability to make sound decisions throughout life, which requires basic skills and financial wisdom acquired through practice and experience.


We also believe that financial education is about character and values – not just the money. Mindful self-management of desires and values is essential to the management of social, family, and capital assets.